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Baltan Academy 2: Make Economy Yours Again

Announcing the second edition of Make Economy Yours Again (MEYA). An online learning community that will gather weekly for 8 weeks with the purpose to create a new knowledge base for rehearsing economic change. The learning community will be shaped according to participants’ backgrounds, interests and their existing initiatives. Participants will collectively learn and locally develop actions for their specific context.

Economic crises, the effects of the COVID pandemic, growing (social) inequality, climate change, the increasing extinction rate of species and the exploitation of the planet, show us that our economic system needs to change. How can we go beyond capitalism in re-thinking today’s economy? Are western value systems sufficient when exploring a new relationship with nature? Can feelings enable us to develop agency towards the economy? How can we make the economy our economy?

How can we rehearse change and not just think of it? The challenges we face are so complex that we cannot understand them in a logical and rational manner. The learning community aims to make complex challenges relatable and feelable, to grasp them without the presumption of fully understanding them, in order to develop agency towards them.

Participants will work on developing and executing an action for their local context, while simultaneously sharing those in the group to learn from each other’s practice and experience.

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