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Co-emerging Economies

5-6 PM Live on YouTube and Facebook

A model for reflecting on streams of future change

Co-emerging Futures aims to map the key streams of unfolding change that are transforming our world. With the decline of global leadership and governance, diverging worldviews are emerging that are shaping narratives, investments and cooperation into different future directions. Co-emerging Futures is a future research program led by Reon Brand, which interrogates how the condition of the planet and of humanity affects our future. The model proposes a view from a predominantly ecological perspective in order to stimulate the debate of how we would view value creation and designing solutions differently if human needs were subordinate to requirements for a healthy and thriving ecosystem. What would happen if industries were to design for the benefit of the total ecosystem instead of prioritizing human needs?

Reon Brand is Design Principal in Future Studies and Innovation in Philips.  He is a regular keynote speaker at international conferences. His research provides inspiration and guidance for initiatives in future probing, innovation and value creation. He co-authored a paper ‘Rethinking value in a changing landscape’ that explores different socio-economic paradigms. He recently published a futures study paper called ‘Co-Emerging Futures: A model for reflecting on streams of future change’.

On September 3rd at 17:15 CET, you can watch the lecture on our Economia Festival YouTube channel and Baltan Laboratories Facebook Page, where the videos will remain accessible afterwards.

In addition to watching his lecture, there is the opportunity to join the conversation in a live Q&A with Reon. If you want to join this Q&A, please register via and use this link. The zoom room will be open from 16:45 on, at 17:00 we will start with an introduction.

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