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ECO Coin: Making a Resilient and Sustainable Economy the New Normal

5-6 PM Live on YouTube and Facebook + Intro & Q&A on Zoom

(#Nature's Economies) Actionable solutions to our current global challenges, based on local, resilient, decentralized currency design.

In 1929 the first Great Depression hit the world. It was the widest and deepest depression of the 20th century. Today we not only stand on the edge of another economic depression but we are also teetering on the brink of a climate crisis that if we don’t act now, may be irreversible.

Fortunately, any crisis can be turned into an opportunity for positive change to emerge. Just as in 1929 where new monetary models were created, now is the time to not just talk about new solutions but to enact them. We can build a fairer, more balanced economy that is not built on the back of our shared ecology but works in harmony with it.

In his talk, Lewis will explore highlight ideas that emerged from the Great Depression and share new actionable solutions to our current global challenges, based on local, resilient, decentralized currency design.

On June 25th at 17:00 CET, you can watch the talk on our Economia Festival YouTube channel and Baltan Laboratories Facebook Page, where the videos will remain accessible afterwards.

In addition to watching his lecture, there is the opportunity to join the conversation in a live Q&A with Lewis. If you want to join this Q&A, please register by sending an email to We will provide you with the zoom link to join the session. The room will be open from 16:30 on, at 16:45 we will start with an introduction.

Lewis Just is a designer interested in combining both a systems and human-centric approach to explore complex social issues and create positive change in the world. His practise focuses on sustainability in the widest sense of the word, whether economic, environmental or social.Lewis has worked with businesses, NGOs and governments to reimagine more positive ways of living where people, planet and profit are balanced. This has led him to co-found the ECO coin, a currency earned through sustainable actions. He is driven and passionate about finding ways to rebalance our economy and our ecology.