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The Confusionist Movement Wants You! (The Yes Men)

5-6 PM Live on YouTube and Facebook

After thousands of years of obscurity, a secret society of Tricksters is going public.

After thousands of years of obscurity, a secret society of Tricksters is going public. The Confusionists celebrate the power of confusion – a state of mind that opens doors to change if used for good. The society was based on the idea of confronting power using the methods of the Trickster – a universal archetype that appears in every culture.

The Confusionists are transforming from a secret society into a movement – inviting new members to confront the increasing abuse of confusion by those in power all over the world. Many fascist governments masquerading as democracies are leveraging mass confusion to undermine the entire ecosystem of rational thought and its relationship to self-governance. The Confusionist Movement opposes the abusive tactics of Surkov, Putin, Trump, Bolsonaro, Erdogan and others – reclaiming the power of confusion for the underdog.

The Confusionist Movement vows to use the power of confusion only from below, only to reveal, to confuse only to topple the forces that seek to subjugate.

Igor Vamos (Also Known As Mike Bonanno of The Yes Men) is best known as a founding member of The Yes Men, an activist duo known for pulling off meaningful mischief to embarrass powerful corporate and government predators. With The Yes Men, Vamos produced three films including The Yes Men (2003), The Yes Men Fix the World (2009), and The Yes Men Are Revolting (2014). In these films, they impersonate entities that they dislike, a practice that they call “identity correction”. Their tag line is “sometimes it takes a lie to expose the truth.”

On October 15th at 17:00 CET, you can watch the keynote lecture on our Economia Festival YouTube channel and Baltan Laboratories Facebook Page, where the recording will remain accessible afterwards.

In addition to watching the keynote, there is the opportunity to join the conversation in a live Q&A with Igor Vamos. If you want to join this Q&A, please click on the following Zoom link: The room will be open from 16:45 on, at 17:00 we will start with an introduction.

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