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2020 is a year that made us stop for a moment and reflect about where we stand as humans in the systems we created, that are crumbling under the blows of a virus.

It reminds us that we are part of nature, even if for thousands of years we tried to escape from it or to dominate it. It forced us to acknowledge that still we are subjected to its laws and that nature can take over and invert (to some extent) the impact of our presence.

For the first time in recent history, we are all sharing one challenge, which is affecting the daily life of millions (or billions) of people all over the world. We know that we cannot back to normal, but unless an emergency is shaking us, our broken normal will come back soon, if it hasn’t already.

Economia Lab will dive into how transforming our economy could balance our relationship with nature and explore the consequences of this renewed relationship, which are not just environmental but also societal and political.

We will do that through a series of talks, keynote lectures and workshop sessions and the Lab Diary (you will find the link below). The aim is to present the outcomes during the Economia conference in September. The process of the lab and the proceedings from the conference will be compiled in a new Economia publication, out at the end of 2020.

upcoming events

Fictional Journal 04. RESPONSIBILITY

20:00 PM - Launch Fictional Journal 04.

Explore ways in which transforming our economy can restore balance in our relationship with nature and help us on our way towards a more equal and just society.
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Baltan Academy #1: Make Economy Yours Again

(learning community)
May 27 - July 1: Weekly gathering on Thursdays, 6-9 PM on ZOOM

An online learning community exploring tactical tools for alternative economic narratives.
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past events

Fictional Journal 04. RESPONSIBILITY

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Marginalia #1 – MEYA Reading Group

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Marginalia #2 – MEYA Reading Group

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ECO Coin: Making a Resilient and Sustainable Economy the New Normal

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