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Follow the breadcrumbs as insights unfold

Baltan’s ideas on tackling our economic system from a cultural and scientifically diverse perspective emerged in the first Economia festival about ‘reclaiming’ the economy. Now, we are taking you further into this journey.

In a way, it feels like the great explorers (The Maggelans and Marie Curies of this world): embarking on a journey with somewhat clear ambitions and hypotheses, yet little or no guarantee to find the preset insights and answers. What is the Homo Economicus? And what is (s)he post-COVID? Is there an alternative for capitalism and/or economic growth? How can economy and ecology co-exist? And which tools can we deploy once we have the answers (or to obtain the answers)? All of this, and maybe more, will be the subject of this diary.

This lab diary is an attempt to navigate the stars, position the breadcrumbs and make some sense out of the unknown adventure ahead of us. Thanks for joining us!