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Report: The Confusionist Movement Wants You! by The Yes Men (keynote)

In this one-hour monologue – browsing through the entire alphabet from a to… t – Igor Vamos, one half of the activist duo “Yes Men”, leaves us empowered, inspired, dazzled and confused at the same time. Centered around the concept of “confusionism”, he walks us through a collage of stories (true or not), lies (true or not) and some of the Yes Men’s most noteworthy actions and interventions (that certainly have taken place).

Be prepared, because this is not something you want to digest on an empty stomach or with a hangover… There is one thing however we cán guarantee: if you manage to chew it down to the last bite, it will surely make your pants drop.


On animal spirits, adaptive expectations and arbitrage. Or should we say: on the Trickster Academy,  Bhopal (India) in the 1920’s and the birth of the slow food movement?


On backwardation, bounded rationality and black economy. Or should we say: on lying to the police,  grandmother’s lies and the origin of the Yes Men.


On cost-benefit analysis. Or should we say: on fundraising for the New Mexico Environmental Law Center?


On externalities. Or should we say: on the family granola… euh… gold?


On dumping. Or should we say: on elaborating further on the fundraising event?


On elasticity, equilibrium, Engels’s law, excess returns and expectations. Or should we say: on the apologies of Dow Chemical, the gold coin versus Giufa’s bread, an invitation by Gilda, a 3-hour trip to Truth or Consequences to meet Agnes and a contest for a hidden treasure in the Rocky Mountains?


On fungible, fderivatives and free riding. Or should we say: on art forging, Orson Wells and Elmyr the forger?


On the gini coefficient. Or should we say: on ‘back to Agnes’ and a $225,000 ruse.


On hawala. Or should we say: on being imprisoned on Ibiza and an invitation letter to join the Confusionists Society?


On intangible assets and the invisible hand. Or should we say: on Agnes infiltrating the Confusionists and the “Confusorium” (the confusionists bible) and the Yes Men intervention at Reed College (targeting the capitalist God and unwillingly striking ‘God’ Steve Jobs)?


On moral hazard. Or should we say: on the ethical code of the Confusionists and the existence of ‘dark confisionism’?


On risk. Or should we say: on Putin and the rise of dark confusionism?


On shadow price, short-termism and sunk costs. Or should we say: on Surkov, Steve Bannon and the loss of reason?


On transparency and trust. Or should we say: on transforming from a secret society into a movement and telling some good stories?

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