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Report: Unsettling the Settler. How does capitalism feel? by Meredith Degyansky (Embodied practice)

How does capitalism feel? And why is it so strongly embedded into every aspect of our lives? Meredith Degyansky, “The work intern”, is an artist, educator, student debtor, precarious laborer and counselor. She takes us through a guided body scan to explore our conscious and unconscious relationship with our capitalist society. And with ketchup bottles…


Instructions on how and where to position yourself and an introduction on deep listening.


Ground yourself by connecting to the earth’s core.


Introduction of the goal of this session: ‘how does capitalism feel’. And short elaboration on why capitalism is so fundamentally built into our bodies and minds.


An exploration through your body. From the feet up. Listen to what your body tells you.


What could restful sleep look like and how can you achieve it? Replace capitalist feelings with feelings of something else.


You have just begun your own transformative practice.

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