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Video Exhibition: #Nature’s Economies

A video exhibition exploring the #Nature’s Economies theme. Could our economy be a reflection of nature, a closed system that grows, thrives and decades? What if new economies take inspiration from self-regulatory mechanisms that are typical of natural ecosystems?

01:02 – Viral Nature – HereNowArcadia. Martina Taranto

Viral Nature – HereNowArcadia by Martina Taranto is a composite material, 84% organic, able to host life.

03:17 – Wither. Thijs Biersteker

With Wither, a rainforest that is disappearing before our eyes, Thijs Biersteker helps us to imagine the immense extent of the current deforestation of the Amazon.

06:32 – Shifting Geology. Silvia Noronha

The geology of Silvia Noronha’s future, Shifting Geology speculates about the impact of human activity on the Earth.

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