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Video Exhibition: #Shifting Value

A video exhibition exploring the #Shifting Value theme. Shifting the notion of value implicitly changes the economy, since value is the measure of benefit. Can this shift in perception, besides saving us from an environmental crisis, also improve our well being and make us feel more fulfilled?

0:51 – Outside, Inside My Nature. Alessandro Cugola and Gianmarco Causi

Inside and outside define the thresholds of our perceptions and our way of being. The video shows rendered boundaries on the scale of the body, the perimeter of our living space, and the dimension of our consciousness.

5:59 – Building Climate Futures. Chiara Di Leone, Anastasia Noga and Laura Cugusi

The video ‘Building Climate Futures’ investigates how to acknowledge the “creative” power of speculation and link it to the creative power of art in imagining different possibilities for the future.

23:53 – Always Trust Me. Gijs de Boer

Inspired by sampling and citing methods from pop culture, Gijs de Boer copies a seemingly neutral ATM incompletely, leaving clues to reveal its modernist mask. ‘Always Trust Me’ tests if you can trust an honest bluff.

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